5 CyberSec Podcasts

If you're looking to delve into the world of cybersecurity through podcasts, there are several highly recommended options to consider:

  1. Malicious Life: Hosted by Ran Levi, this podcast offers a deep dive into the hidden stories of cybersecurity, combining historical context with expert insights.
  2. Hacker Valley Studio: Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran host this podcast, which explores the human element of cybersecurity, providing a blend of inspiration and knowledge.
  3. Darknet Diaries: Jack Rhysider's podcast reveals intriguing true stories from the darker sides of the internet, focusing on hackers, breaches, and cybercrime.
  4. Hacking Humans: Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan co-host this show, focusing on social engineering, phishing schemes, and the various exploits affecting organizations globally.
  5. Security Now: With hosts Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte, this podcast covers a broad range of cybersecurity topics in detail, from malware to encryption and everything in between.

These podcasts cater to a wide range of interests within the cybersecurity field, from technical insights to the human stories behind the technology. They're an excellent way to stay informed and engaged with the latest trends and discussions in the industry.